My sacred journey has been a series of experiences that have shown me how to trust my intuition and honor my soul's callings. 

I remember the day, 20 years ago, when I was studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor. I had completely stepped out of my comfort zone to teach a free class on herbology, when one of the audience members called me out. They told me that what I was teaching was dangerous and wrong. This was just one of many moments that made me question my path; a path that I had felt deeply in alignment with. I wasn’t strong enough in my core to handle this feedback at the time and I felt like an imposter. I doubted myself and within a year I switched to a more socially 'acceptable' career path.

I knew as a healer that I still desired to help people, so I went into Social Work. I was drawn to this profession because it was a 'safe' and 'society approved' field to get into, but something was missing. I wasn't deeply fulfilled in this line of work because I wasn't fully aligned with my true self.

I needed to step further out there and into something more aligned with holistic and transformational healing, which was in alignment with my soul. That's when I found a post-Master’s program, Integrative Body Psychotherapy. This was much more aligned as I learned the power of breathwork and I was able to incorporate the mind, body, and spirit healing that I was seeking to provide my soulmate clients.

And even though that was a step in the right direction, I knew I was still hiding. I was fearful of judgment; fearful of failure; fearful that no one would see the value in the work I was bringing into the world. I knew that I had to keep stepping out of the spiritual closet and show more of who I truly was; a highly sensitive intuitive woman who was ready to own her life story.

My sacred

“You will either step forward into Growth, or you will step back into Safety” 


In 2019, I opened up my own private practice in Troy, Michigan. It had been a dream of mine for over ten years and I thought that if I just stepped out on my own, I would feel more expansive and have the freedom that I desired in my life and career. I was surprised at how easy it was for me to move in this direction after hearing over and over again in my critical mind “I’m not ready”, “I can’t do this yet”, “I need more certifications in…”, etc.  

I felt liberated and proud of myself with this accomplishment although my soul had more in store for me. I continued to feel the confined chains of billing insurances and needing to bring in “evidenced based practices” that again, didn’t allow me to bring my true spiritual gifts into my work.

When I was introduced to Psych-K, an empowering and life changing experience for me, my love for subconscious work was born. I learned that our subconscious mind is running the show 95% of the time and if we don’t clear our limiting beliefs and fears we will remain stuck. Talk therapy alone does not create the deep transformation that us as healers truly need! I continue to attract and integrate energetic clearing practices to clear conditioned subconscious programming and expand your aura to manifest the highest vision of your life. I have discovered that if you are not materializing your soul’s truest desires in your current reality, there are energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck, holding you back and keeping you playing small as a form of protection. Once you clear these blockages, transform your subconscious beliefs, connect with your intuitive voice and take spiritually aligned action, your soul desires and highest vision for your life becomes your new reality.

In 2019 I finally listened to my intuitive nudges to hire a business coach and the Universe brought an amazing mentor into my life. One that was spiritually aligned and business savvy. She guided me through attracting my soulmate clients and opened me up to the coaching world. I was guided through creating a signature group program that brought all my spiritual gifts and my “woo” practices together into one offering. 

I’ve created an amazing group coaching program for powerful, intuitive healers, like you. My program is a safe container for you to transform your life so that you can serve at a higher level and embody the highest vision of your life.

I have already done the hard work. I have worked my way through my fears and learned how to tune out the inner critic that had me doubting my abilities.

Through compassion, listening to my inner guidance, clearing energetic patterns holding me back, stepping further into my authentic self, and connecting with people that knew HOW to support me, I have uncovered my own roadmap to living powerfully in the NOW!

...if you are not materializing your soul’s truest desires in your current reality, there are energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck, holding you back and keeping you playing small as a form of protection.

I  have created a community of high vibrational women and intuitive healers who are committed to creating their highest ideal selves; see the beauty in others and mirror it back to them.

These like-minded women are ready to create a ripple effect that builds others up so that they too can live a more fully aligned life and serve at a high level.

It is my greatest honor to be able to share this with you!

If you feel like you are ready to fast track your transformation so that you don't waste decades reinventing the wheel, then let's chat!

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